Saturday, March 2, 2024
Game Development

Cyber Snyper Release

Cyber Snyper is a third person shooter that focuses solely on long distance sniping combat. Each center building of the city has a fully detailed interior and every room of each building can be entered. There are thousands of potential sniping spots. Sword Jogger City is essentially heaven for campers. Unlike most other shooter games, in Cyber Snyper camping is heavily encouraged! You will need to use your sniper scope to scan hundreds of distant windows to find your enemy.

This is an Unreal Engine 4 multiplayer game that features modern visuals, but classic gameplay. Old school arena shooters sometimes featured a stock sniper only mutator and community made enhanced sniper camping mods / sniper camping servers. Our game offers some modern gameplay mechanics such as corner peaking/leaning, but retains old school basics such as a classic Deathmatch mode rules. It’s nice and simple – no digital currency, micro transactions, loot crates, matchmaking, ranking system or complex capture point modes etc. Just old school plain and simple deathmatch with sniper rifles.

Cyber Snyper is 100% free and will always remain that way. This game is monetized with non-intrusive in-game advertising throughout the level. The in-game advertising vertical is typically and quasi-exclusively a mobile industry feature; however this game will provide as a case study test for the effectiveness of ads in PC/Desktop gaming.

Download Cyber Snyper here:

How to Play:

Below are two YouTube video tutorials on the basics of playing Cyber Snyper:

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