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Warface Review

Warface is a free FPS game available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There are both PvE and PvP modes. This game does feel like a more complete product than many other free FPS games that I have tried on Steam. The amount of content is impressive in almost every aspect: co-op mission count, PvP map count and PvP game types.

There are over 30 maps for PvP, which is a very impressive total. For game modes, there are 9 of them which are the following:

Team Deathmatch – Standard Classic TDM

Blitz – Defuse the Bomb

Bag and Tag – Collect the Dog Tags Dropped by Enemies (game type made famous by Call of Duty)

Storm – Capture Three Control Points

Plant the Bomb – Detonate the Bomb on The Enemy Base

Free For All – Deathmatch

Capture – Steal the Enemy Team’s Warhead

Destruction – Protect Your Control Point & Call an Air Strike on the Enemy

Domination – Capture & Keep Core Points

The maps for these gametypes are also varied because there are many themes. There is a trailer park map, urban maps, a hangar map, industrial maps, snowy mountains and more. The PvP gameplay can be compared to the classic Call of Duty style, because the character movements include prone position and sprinting. You can also aim down sights and unlock weapon upgrades such as red dot sight. The PvP is very enjoyable because you can modify your weapons in game, if the iron sight isn’t working out for you, in the middle of the match you can add a scope or other attachments to your weapon.

The PvE consists of two segments, there are regular short co-op missions to complete and then there are the longer missions with the PvE Spec Ops mode. The co-op mission options change on the menu frequently and the downside is that you can’t always get the mission that you want that day. The basic co-op missions usually involve you can your teammates either assisting a friendly vehicle to a destination point or having a boss battle where you will have to use a RPG to defeat an enemy helicopter etc. The Spec Ops missions are very long epic battles with many waves of enemies and often take between 30 to 60 minutes.

Spec Ops is really the most unique and special aspect of Warface. These long missions are where all the action is in this game and Spec Ops has interesting levels and enemies. In Spec Ops there are 11 missions, each of them unique. Here in this mode you can battle robotic turrets, kill cyborgs and much more. Not only are the enemies more interesting then the regular co-op modes, but the environments are more exciting. With Spec Ops you can play on Mars, Egypt, inside of a volcano research lab and other interesting locations.

Having so many options makes Warface a complete package. Regular co-op gives you 10-15 minute missions versus standard enemies, Spec Ops gives you hour long creative missions and then there are many PvP modes.

So far the game sounds great, but there are definitely downsides. Even though the graphics are great, it does seem very demanding. I have tried this game on my XFX R9 390 and the fans basically sound like they are maxed out the whole time and the temp of all components in the case went way up. I also tried it with my RTX 2070 SUPER set up and it seemed to heat up quite a bit. Other games that are newer and look better never made my GPUs this loud and hot. The other downside is that it does appear to be a Pay to Win title in theory. In matches I haven’t noticed myself getting stomped, but there are weapons available in the game with better stats that do end up costing real money. Another annoyance is that to play Special Ops you need access token, you get some free periodically, but if you use them up before getting more free ones you have to purchase access tokens with real money. Revive tokens for co-op also are purchased with real money. I understand all free games must be monetized but I wish they just charged money for custom skins instead or found a different way to generate revenue such as in game ads.

Overall it is a well rounded free FPS. Many multiplayer games skimp on having a PvE such as Black Shot and many others. This is one of the best free FPS games out there for the time being.


Great visuals

Great Co-op

Fun PvP

Weapon Customization

Many Maps

Maps are High Quality

Easily Accessible – PC, Xbox One, PS4


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